Using AppCRAFT to promote learning of STEM

(Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)

This site is dedicated to helping students learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics using APPCRAFT and an iOS device (such as an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch). It is one of the outcomes of the "Create,Simulate, and Innovate Project" started by Lucie deLaBruere and George Raynak (2010) and "Imagine, Invent, and Innovate" (2011) by Lucie deLaBruere and Tony Galle. please contribute and help us develop an AppCraft community of learners committed to supporting Creativity and Innovation in Today's Learning Environments.

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Why AppCraft?
Teaching Kids to Program?
Getting Started
Tutorial 2 - Building Your First App with AppCraft

Beyond Apps - Tutorials (the folks who created AppsCraft)
AppCraft Guru - Tutorials (YouTube channel devoted to tutorials on how to use AppCraft)
Tour of the AppCraft Menus

With Inspiration from
Mitch Resnick and his work with Scratch and Creativite Thinking

Ruben Puentedura and his work on Games and Learning, and for convincing me that an iOS devices is more than an tool for personal consumption.

Game and Learn Podcast Series(from iTunes U)

Lucie's collection of apps to help Imagine, Invent, and Innovate